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Protect Business Processes

Run Faster & More Reliably


Beating the cost of downtime, low performance and human error.

Minimising time to resolve issues.

Saving consequential business operational losses.

Ensuring uptime of vital security and data protection technology.


Mission Critical Business Processes

A M.C.P. consists of a number of activities that an organisation executes in order to conduct their day to day operation. These processes usually rely on staff, applications and system components to be successfully completed. Business processes are unique to every organisation. AmdoSoft has extensive knowledge in what makes a business processes run and how to protect it effectively.

M.C.P. may include:


Order to Cash


Business Information

Sales Order Processing

ERP System Copy

Billing and Invoicing

Supply Chain

Meter to Cash

Financial Close

Data Analysis

Customer Relation

These processes are mission critical, because the organisation in full or in part, relies on these processes to function. In some organisations, these processes are crucial for customer satisfaction (product or service related). In other cases, these processes ensure orders are delivered on time and converted to cash. In compliance and regulated sectors, these processes make sure that organisations are not hit with heavy fines.

Every industry has their own set of processes that are mission critical. When these fail or do not perform well, a part or the whole organisation can be affected. To name a few: Staff productivity, direct IT and business expenses, business opportunity loss, brand damage, customer satisfaction and more. The success and competitiveness of each organisation, depends on the business processes and the systems that these run on.





AmdoSoft uses a variety of technologies to achieve full protection of mission critical business processes.

With over 15 years development efforts, the Graphical Rules Engine (GRE) is the brain behind the control centre that makes sure business processes are running.

The so called "Rules" of the b4 Protector, map out the business process and connect the dependencies that make it work.

A variety of "Sensors" and "Executors" make sure issues are detected and acted upon accordingly.




AmdoSoft designs and customises every b4 Protector depending on the customers' needs.

From identifying the processes and its dependencies, up to fully testing and implementing the safeguard solution onsite.

The solution is cloud enabled and can be fully managed by the AmdoSoft b4 expert team.

If in-house management is preferred, AmdoSoft also provides training, support and certifications.




Availability, Performance and Security

AmdoSoft/b4 protects business processes from downtime, performance issues, human error and security threats. Ask yourself these questions: Is your business process always working from end to end (availability)? Is the process always running fast enough (performance)? Is the process always reliable, not generating errors and protected against threats (security)? Is the process protected against human error?

AmdoSoft has extensive knowledge and state of the art technology in order to map out all the dependencies and protect the essential process that runs on top of it.




Save up to 50% on routine checks.

Increase service output by 200%.

Become proactive and avoid business process downtime.

Increase security and reliability of critical processes.




Connecting Business Processes with IT

Part of the wider issues within organisations today is the disconnect between staff executing business processes and the IT services making sure the system that these processes run on are healthy. Although IT services may have 100% uptime of their systems, business processes are not always running at that percentage. Why is that? Business process issues are not always visible within the system layer as an issue.

The b4 Protector, is equipped with special sensors that can detect issues within the business processes and executors that help resolve the issue with minimal human intervention. It also connects the whole system with these processes in order to identify where the issue lies. This gives better visibility to the whole organisation and most importantly, allows the business process to be protected. 




AmdoSoft/b4 reacts so quickly that critical downtime is not even noticed.

Pain and losses associated with downtime are minimized.

Don't break a sweat while b4 does exactly what's right.