END to END Monitoring with b4
Front-End Performance and Availability Protection


The AmdoSoft Technology "b4 Virtual Client" is a fully automated „User“ with mouse click and keyboard, which regularly and continuously performs checks on your most critical services.

At every point the availability and performance are tracked.

The "b4 Virtual Client" is like a dedicated Employee who regularly checks that the things you need are working properly from the user's point of view.

Here is how it works...

The b4 Virtual Client starts a front end Buiness Process


it measures the reaction time in m/s & analyses for: Inconstancies and errors.
If the results are fine, the status changes from Determining -> UP
In case of issues, the system reacts immediately


Unlimited test-steps can be performed after which it resets and repeats.
This creates objective front end data for the live dashboard and reports.


Works with all ERP Systems

Any Service that can be interacted with through the front end Graphical User Interface can be checked, including webshops and external services



What does the b4 System do?

          • Regular tests and analyses Business Process availability and performance
          • Notifies the responsible people (text/e-mail)
          • Sends screenshots and documentation
          • Actual service availability and performance Reports (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)

What are the benefits?

          • Knowing about front end issues before the user reports it
          • No more sudden surprises that things don’t work or are painfully slow
          • Proactively analyse the front end to protect critical business processes
          • Be aware of the true availability and performance that the users get
          • Check how updates affect the user experience of a business process
          • Get objective measurements in order to make precise decisions


The system can revolutionize the way you support your key users, the way you measure front end performance and the way you protect the business processes

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