Advanced Reporting



Reporting Standards Redefined 

Detailed, Flexible & Highly Presentable

Reporting on every level

Nice looking designs and templates

Perfect for detailed internal reporting and trend analysis

IT auditing and factual presentation of the IT system




Report Designer

The b4 Report Designer provides an array of options to modify and make reports presentable. It also allows the user to construct a report including several different types of reports. The data is taken directly from the database and it is possible to generate reports from any part of the IT infrastructure, including or excluding as many devices/services as necessary.


Everything you need to make reporting easy, time effective and adaptable

Produce Reports in any popular format





AmdoSoft/b4 Reporting offers comprehensive reports available in the form of built in templates.

These templates can be modified to an extensive degree of detail.

From Managed Service specific reports to datacenter reports, b4 has a template for any need.

The editor and UI, offers all options needed to customise e.g. company logo, colors, design automatic date stamp, different types of graphs, pie charts and more.



Types of Reports





Service Uptime Report

Login Summary Report

Full Login Report

User and Group: Creation, Deletion and Modification Report

Specific User Activity Report

Warning Status Report

Specific Object Status Report

Specific Object Activity Report

Full System Activity Report

Service Level Availability (SLA) Report

Measurement Report

Monthly Activity Report

Input Parameters

Daily Status Report

     Inventory Audit Report

Software Provisioning Report

Preventive Maintenance

Server Health

Hotfix Management

Backup Operations

Asset Information

Report Page

Security Report

Rules Engine Activity Report

HP SIM Events Report

SNMP Traps Report

SNMP Measurement Report

Backup Report

"Easy Reporting for Experts"



Schedule Report Manager


Automate Reporting

Advanced Report Scheduling

Configure who, when and what with a few clicks




The Report Schedule Manager provides full control over reporting needs.

Automate the reporting system.

Define the date a report is generated and in the format it is generated in (pdf, html, text, image etc.)

Define relative and absolute time frames.

Define where it is sent and the location where it is saved.

Automate notifications when reports are sent via text and email.