Syst. Management SMM

Key Features & Benefits

  • Managing Recycle Bin
  • Removing temporary files
  • Monitoring security status using Spybot antispyware tool
  • Monitoring disk drive fragmentation and performing automatic defragmentation
  • Monitoring success of the Symantec Backup Exec backup/restore operations
  • Maximising availability and performance of your IT infrastructure by performing preventive maintenance activities
  • Monitoring various Unix/Linux system settings (interfaces, mounts, updates, cron jobs,..)
  • Monitoring and managing Windows Automatic Update settings on managed system
  • Monitoring missing Windows Updates on managed system

With System Management SMM, administrators can coordinate complex maintenance activities around management of disk space.

Activities such as backup, windows updates, antispyware, such as stopping a legacy application, cleaning up temp files, defragmenting disk space, restarting the application, notifying an operator in the event of failure and creating a report.