IT Automation

IT-Automation with b4

"Replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems by creating repeatable instructions and processes"

  • Relieve employees of lengthy administrative processes
  • Reduce processing times
  • Secure ongoing business operations
  • Create time for creativity

Why automate?


The IT processes of digitized business models must function smoothly. Automation increases reliability, availability and scalability, and reduces costs.

The process steps that are handled manually in IT can be influenced by a number of factors that negatively affect the quality of the IT services to be provided: Individual process steps are not executed completely or in the wrong order, delays or transmission errors occur and often process steps, due to time pressure, are not fully documented.

IT automation can help you get repetitive, manual processes out of the hands of your staff. This allows teams to be more productive, reduce errors, improve collaboration, and free up time that can be spent on more meaningful, thoughtful work driving your business forward. It also increases productivity and reduces errors.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new approach to process automation. With this technology, human interactions with IT systems are mimicked and executed. The application options are not limited to IT. Software robots such as AmdoSoft's b4 Virtual Client help improve business processes in finance and human resources, reporting as well as other operations.

With b4 different workflows with individual activities / steps can be created and configured.

Graphical Configuration of Rules

The Graphical Rules Engine (GRE) is one of a kind in the field of IT Automation. This unique technology allows the user to utilise drag and drop methods in order to define a logical reaction to a status change. The rule-logic is defined in detail by the experienced engineers making use of it, meaning that it works in an intelligent manner.

The differences between using the AmdoSoft GRE compared to traditional scripting methods are unparalleled. The complex scripts that make sure emails are sent to the appropriate people, dependencies are checked, various different actions are taken, are all generated by b4. Meanwhile, the user can focus on the logic of the rule and on getting the desired outcome.

gre perspective2


Further advantages of the AmdoSoft GRE include the template rules.

These allow the user to define one automation rule and apply it to many systems at once.

When the user needs to change or adapt the action of a particular rule, it can be done in the template, affecting the rule group all at once.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate time and cost intensive business and administration processes with software robots

As with the manufacturing industry, inefficient processes are done by software robots using RPA. The human colleague is thus relieved of boring routine tasks and can increasingly devote to more creative and innovative tasks.



The b4 Virtual Client

  • manages for the process relevant applications same as an employee
  • communicates with all required systems
  • collects information and
  • changes relevant data

Business and administrative processes are processed fully automatically.

  • No changes to existing IT infrastructure
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Platform independent
  • Universal use