Visual indicator of the running b4 Bot

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Visual indicator of the running b4 Bot

A visual indicator of the running Bot is located by default at the bottom right corner of the screen. It is now possible to change its location or choose visual indicator not to be displayed at all, as it may hide text field to write in or image to search for.


Editing bot configuration

  -> Locate folder: <b4Agent-install-folder>\agent\add-ons\VirtualClient-IMM\<Bot-process-name>
  -> Locate file:     VirtualClient-IMM.ini
  -> Find section [Execution] and keys “Visible” and “Location”


(*) default setting

The indicator image itself may be modified by replacing images\running.jpg file located relative to the location of above mentioned configuration file.

NOTE: The location of the configuration file is different when the checkpoint gets executed directly from b4 Console, in which case it is placed inside the folder %appdata%\b4\Console\recorder\res.