b4 Dashboard


Live-View on everything you need to keep an eye on!

The b4 Dashboard gives you an overview of the status of your RPA-environement and the performance of your digital workforce at all times.

Status changes can be easily recognized, understood and analyzed.

The b4 Dashboard prepares desired information graphically so that you can make informed decisions for your b4 Bots.

Your RPA infrastructure is presented in the form of understandable objects and diagrams that you can easily analyze and interpret to initiate proactive measures.

The data on active users, registered clients, failed tasks, b4 Bots, workflows ... and the overall status of the devices are updated dynamically.

The b4 Dashboard also includes extensive functions for working with your data, including filters, sorting options, selection and coloring for diagrams and individual dashlets.



  • Overview of availability and performance of your b4 Bots
  • Show information that you actually need
  • Additional information and details with one click
  • Reproductione of data unencrypted and in real time
  • Time-consuming data collection in Excel is no longer necessary
  • Show information that you actually need
  • The user interface is visually attractive
  • Reporting option cross departments