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Additional tags available in Rule Templates

As of V7.0 SP1 additional tags could be used when writing e-mail subject and body

These are valid for both e-mail subject and body:

<placeholder> - to write object display name
<placeholder>.[Status] – to write object status description
<placeholder>.[Description] - to write object description

These are valid for e-mail body only (when VirtualClient-IMM is in use):

<placeholder>.[Attachments] – to add checkpoint screenshot attached to e-mail
<placeholder>.[Attachments].[Display-Email-Body] – to display attached picture in e-mail body

Additionally, e-mails can be formatted in HTML. Example:

<html><head><style>th, td {border:1px solid black}</style></head> <body><table style="width:100%"> <tr><th align="left">Object:</th><td><placeholder></td></tr> <tr><th align="left">Object Status:</th><td><placeholder>.[Status]</td></tr> <tr><th align="left">Object Description:</th><td><placeholder>.[Description]</td></tr> <tr><th align="left">Object Attachments For Display:</th><td><placeholder>.[Attachments].[Display-Email-Body]</td></tr> <tr><th align="left">Object Attachments:</th><td><placeholder>.[Attachments]</td></tr> </table></body></html>